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This Pharmacy Business & Entrepreneurship Program (B & E Program) is structured to allow pharmacy students the flexibility to complete the program while also completing the pharmacy curriculum. The program consists of required core components and elective components. The program is delivered through classroom learning, workshop activities, and hands-on opportunities to apply students’ knowledge and develop skills.


The B & E Program is open to all students at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy. Interested students are encouraged to sign up for the program in the spring semester of their P1 year to ensure that they remain on track to complete requirements. However, students can apply to the track program any spring semester during the P1-P3 years. Some core requirements may be completed during the pre-pharmacy curriculum and will be transferred for credit if completed within five years of starting the PharmD program. 


Each student must complete an initial application to complete the program. He/she will also be required to submit a letter of interest for the program. This letter of interest must include the student’s career interests and goals.


University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy students and faculty can find more information on the Business & Entrepreneurship Program by logging in here. 



“As the first student to complete the KPIC Business and Entrepreneurship Track I gained amazing experience with some of the most prestigious rotations across the United States which were open to me because of the business training that is a part of the Track. As a fourth year student, I received multiple job opportunities without heavy pursuit thanks to the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center. The first amazing opportunity began with a primary care physician’s office pharmacy where I was able to complete tasks for the program that led to other interesting learning opportunities such as wholesaler negotiation, new ways of creating income, and giving financial advice to better improve net margins. Before graduation, a recent graduate and I were able to begin our own venture in the world of compounding. I can’t thank KPIC enough for the opportunities that they provided and the doors that were opened for me. If you have an interest in entrepreneurship I recommend you consider the Business and Entrepreneurship Track to help you get started in the right direction.” - Blake Cogdill, PharmD - First graduate of the KPIC Business & Entrepreneurship Program