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"If you want to build a life of purpose, it's going to have to be on purpose." - Liz Bohannon


Feeling confused or overwhelmed on what area of pharmacy you want to or should be practicing? This sub-series is designed to help you identify areas of interest, how your personality and/or strengths may suit you in various settings.  

Attending conferences, taking assessments, and utilizing these resources will help you explore more fields of pharmacy and give you tools to keep track of your passions.

Our first resource for pharmacy students is a video from Dr. Ashlee Hayes regarding career clarity- what it is and how to obtain it. By watching this video, you can begin to outline what you desire out of your career which helps guide you in scheduling rotations, seeking internships, post-graduate opportunities. 

Next, we have a diagram that is designed to help you outline what opportunities can help you build your passion. Once you have some clarity regarding your goals and potential career pathways, do you need more research experience, leadership roles, unique elective rotations? This career path development worksheet will help you outline what you may need and how you can obtain those experiences or resources.

Utilize the Building Your Passion Workbook throughout pharmacy school to compile all leadership experiences, leadership assessments, rotation reflections, internship reflections, and APhA Career Pathways results. This workbook will allow students to identify their strengths and preferred activities to help provide clarity and build their passion.


Exploring Passions Exploring Careers Association Resources
KPIC Building Your Passion Workbook KPIC Pharmacy Career Innovation Summit ASHP Career Development Resources
KPIC Personalized Career Path Development Worksheet  RxAshlee Blog When I Knew Traditional Pharmacy Wasn’t for Me  ACCP Career Development Resources
Birkman Interest and Insight Reports- Contact Pamela Hite  RxAshlee Blog When to Change Jobs AAPS Career Development Resources
Dr. Ashlee Hayes- Clarity - UofSC PharmD Students via Blackboard 21st Century PharmD Podcast APhA Career Pathway Assessment
14 Principles to Build Your Life of Purpose Pharmacy, IT & Me Podcast  
2 Questions to Uncover Your Passion and Turn It into a Career MelisRxScripts Podcast  
Finding Your Leadership Story- Dare to Lead Podcast Episode    


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If you find our resources helpful or have suggestions for additional resources to include, please let us know here.