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An Elevator Pitch is a professional introduction. It is a 30-60 second self-marketing “commercial.” It is not a recap of your CV or resume.  It is conversational, yet concise. Your elevator pitch can be used at job fairs, career expos, professional associations, networking events, on your LinkedIn summary, Twitter bio, and job interviews.

Below are two examples we created of the same student, Cocky, giving an elevator pitch to hiring personnel of ABC Health-System which can include anyone at a job fair representing ABC Health-System, at a conference as an attending or exhibit hall representative, or who visit the college to speak at organization meetings or special events. In our mock scenario, Cocky is a third-year pharmacy student in our college of pharmacy at the Gamecock Career Expo where ABC Health-System has come to discuss pharmacist roles in their organization and meet our pharmacy students. Cocky attends this Gamecock Career Expo and is hoping to learn more about internships in health-system pharmacy to confirm their pursuit of residency after graduation. Prior to attending the Gamecock Career Expo, Cocky had researched ABC Health-System and decided that he would like to talk to them at the expo.

Example of a weak elevator pitch:  

“Hi my name is Cocky and I’m a student at the University of South Carolina. I’m studying pharmacy and would like to work in a hospital I think or a community pharmacy. Really anywhere that’s hiring! What does your health-system offer?”

Example of a strong elevator pitch: 

“Hi my name is Cocky and I’m currently in my third year of the PharmD program at the University of South Carolina. I am interested in expanding my knowledge of health-system pharmacy through an internship at ABC Health-System. I have had the opportunity to job shadow four pharmacists at ABC Health-System, have completed the hospital lab curriculum, and completed my introductory hospital rotation. Job shadowing pharmacists at ABC Health-System enlightened me to the various roles pharmacists play within this health-system, strengthened my desire to gain experience in health-system pharmacy and shown me how they each embody ABC Health-System’s promise to advocate for patients, be kind to everyone and pave the way for healthy living. May I have your business card to follow up on possible pharmacy internships with ABC Health-System?”


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