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Professional Meeting Catalog

The Professional Meeting Catalog is a compilation of all conferences and meetings that our students and faculty have attended that includes information regarding registration costs, general locations, and benefits of attending. Attending conferences and meetings are a good way to develop your network. 

Current UofSC College of Pharmacy students can access the Professional Meeting Catalog here.

To find the catalog on Blackboard go to the Organizations tab and click on your College of Pharmacy Portfolio page and go to the Kennedy Career Enhancment Series folder. Please email Pamela Hite at if you need further assistance accessing this catalog.

Alumni interested in obtaining information and discussing which conferences may be best suited for you and your career goals can contact us. 

If there is a conference or meeting that needs to be included in the catalog, please contact Pamela Hite at

If you find our resources helpful or have suggestions for additional resources to include, please let us know here.