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Dr. Gene Reeder Returns to USC

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October 10, 2016

Gene Reeder, RPh, PhD, FAPhA, FAMCP is not new to the ins and outs of the College of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina. In fact, he spent 33 years at the University of South Carolina from 1975 to 2008. During his time at Carolina, Dr. Reeder received multiple accolades including the Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Researcher Awards, the 2006 AMCP Distinguished Service Award, and the 2007 Richard A. Remple Faculty Award. He also served as Chair of the Faculty Senate for USC as well as the Faculty Liaison and ex officio member of the USC Board of Trustees from 2006-2008. In addition to teaching at USC’s College of Pharmacy, Dr. Reeder is a proud graduate of the program and was honored with the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2015.

The College of Pharmacy at USC is thrilled to welcome Dr. Reeder back as the Director of Outcomes Research for the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center (KPIC) and a Professor Emeritus in the Clinical and Pharmaceutical Outcome Sciences Department. "It is a blessing to have Dr. Reeder back at the College of Pharmacy and as part of the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center," said Dr. Bryan Ziegler, Executive Director of the KPIC. "He brings a tremendous amount of expertise and leadership at a key time of growth at the Kennedy Center and transition period at the College of Pharmacy." In his new roles at USC, Dr. Reeder intends to utilize his passion for the economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals and medical interventions, drug benefit design, formulary management, and health care public policy, combined with his practice experience in the areas of community pharmacy, long-term care, and managed care pharmacy to help KPIC analyze and validate the impact of pharmacists in new clinical roles while also strengthening the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences research, graduate, and postgraduate programs. "Simply put, it’s good to be home," said Dr. Reeder, in regards to his return. "It feels great to be back at the University and the College of Pharmacy."