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Community Pharmacy Residency

The Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center and the South Carolina College of Pharmacy partner with a variety of community-based pharmacy practice sites to offer post-graduate residency training to develop practitioners with strong clinical skills, business and entrepreneurship skills, and the ability to implement sustainable pharmacist services.

PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program 

The South Carolina College of Pharmacy PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program is designed to provide the resident with the (1) opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in providing patient care in the community setting, (2) experience and confidence to evaluate, develop, expand and implement innovative patient care programs within a community pharmacy setting, and (3) leadership and management skills to serve as a manager of an innovative community pharmacy practice.

Program Outcomes

  1. Provide evidence-based, patient-centered care and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to optimize patient care.
  2. Exercise leadership and practice management skills.
  3. Develop new ideas and approaches to improve quality or overcome barriers to advance the profession of community pharmacy.
  4. Provide medication and practice-related information, education, and/or training.

Learning Experiences

  • Patient Care Services (40%)
  • Dispensing/Operational Services (20%)
  • Teaching and Training (10%)
  • Practice management (15%)
  • Project Development & Assessment (10%)
  • Elective (5%)

PGY1/PGY2 Community-Based and Health Systems Pharmacy Administration

The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy’s combined PGY1-Community-Based and PGY2-Health Systems Pharmacy Administration Residency Program is offered in collaboration with Premise Health and the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center (KPIC).  The residency location is the Premise Health Associate Family Health Center (AFHC) at the BMW plant in Greer, SC.  During the first year, the resident will function as an integral member of the interdisciplinary health care team by utilizing the Pharmacist Patient Care Process to deliver disease state management and medication therapy management programs. The second year will focus on the management and evaluation of pharmacy patient care services within an employer-based health clinic. The resident will receive health care related entrepreneurial and innovation training from the KPIC as well as pharmacy-specific outcomes research training from faculty within the Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences department at the USC College of Pharmacy.

Purpose of the PGY1/PGY2 Community-Based and Health Systems Pharmacy Administration

The USC College of Pharmacy combined PGY1 Community-Based and PGY2- Health Systems Pharmacy Administration residency program is designed to develop a pharmacist who is able to provide high quality patient care, manage an innovative pharmacy practice, evaluate the impact of the patient care they provide, and advance the profession of pharmacy.  Graduates will be prepared for a position that is responsible for developing and managing an innovative community-based patient care practice within a health care system.

Residency Training Sites

  • Barney’s Pharmacy, Augusta, GA The resident will have opportunities to enhance and add new clinical services in the community setting, including immunizations, disease state management and education in the pharmacy and medical clinic, medication therapy management, health screenings, and insulin pump training.

  • Medicine Mart, West Columbia, SC Lynn Connelly, BSPharm, has owned and operated the Medicine Mart Pharmacy since 1982.   “Pharmacy is a changing profession and we have to look for new and innovative ways to continue our practice,” says Mr. Connelly.   In addition to traditional dispensing services, Medicine Mart currently offers disease state education, medication therapy management, immunization programs, 340B pharmacy services, and health screenings.

  • Premise Health, Greer, SC Premise Health has been the onsite leader in health center services for Fortune 500 companies for over 40 years.  The company offers a variety of onsite services to approximately 400 clients in 48 states.  Premise Health currently manages 4 BMW health centers, including the AFHC in Greer, SC.  The AFHC is a 25,000 square foot facility that offers pharmacy, primary care, physical therapy, optical, dental and wellness services to BMW associates and dependents.  There are currently 65 full time Premise Team Members at the AFHC: 6 pharmacists, 1 MD, 2 NP’s, 1 PA, 2 physical therapists, 3 PT assistants, 2 optometrists, 3 dentists and other supporting ancillary staff. 

  • THE Pharmacy, Florence, SC THE Pharmacy is a new and innovative pharmacy that is growing quickly.  It opened in 2016 and is owned by University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy Alumnus, Dr. Jarrod Tippins (’09).  Residents will have the opportunity to develop and grow patient care services, collaborate with other health care providers, and gain valuable business experience while caring for patients in an underserved area of South Carolina.

Residents collaborate with KPIC faculty throughout their residency training to not only learn and develop management, leadership, entrepreneurial skills; but also tap into available resources and expertise to develop and launch a business plan for implementing new clinical services in their pharmacy setting. 

Past residents have gone on to develop a variety of unique, innovative service offerings while also preparing for career opportunities after the residency training.  To learn more about some past resident successes, please view our Success Stories.

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Success Stories