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Scholarship Reflections

Gabby Safa
PharmD Candidate, Class of 2022

P4 Rotation

Disney Center for Living Well

Orlando, Florida


My experience at the Disney Center for Living Well was one of the most magical rotations of my P4 year! The center is located right behind Epcot; it’s so close you can see the Epcot ball when you look out the window. Our patient population is strictly Disney World employees, so it is always fun seeing a cast member come in wearing their uniform and trying to identify what ride or shop they work at.

Although this site is categorized as a community rotation, the pharmacy is unique in that it is attached to a clinic, so there were plenty of opportunities for ambulatory care encounters. One of these experiences was medication therapy management, which involves calling patients who had recently been discharged from a hospital stay and evaluating how they are doing on their discharge medications. Another responsibility I had was developing patient care plans for Care Teams, which involved working up a patient who had recently developed a disease and seeing what medications needed to be initiated or how we could optimize their current therapy. There were also plenty of opportunities to counsel patients on unique dosage forms since our pharmacy dispensed many injectable medications.

The ambulatory care services were excellent in developing my clinical skills, but I also gained many valuable experiences through the community side of the rotation. My preceptor, Dr. Haley Lang, provided me plenty of opportunities to prepare for a role as a community pharmacist such as prescription verification, providing recommendations on over-the-counter medications, and completing projects that strengthened my knowledge on unconventional medications that are commonly dispensed at that site. I appreciate the fact that this rotation had a nice variety of services that the pharmacists provide. After completing this rotation, my pharmacy knowledge has grown, and I have become more well-rounded in my abilities.

After a hard day’s work at the pharmacy, I would often spend my time off in the Disney World parks. I thoroughly enjoyed having such a great balance between learning so much while at the pharmacy, then spending my time off riding rides, eating great food, and being in the most magical place on Earth.